Home Builders in Greensboro will Create a Beautiful Custom Home

You have decided that you want to move your family in Greensboro to a new home but you don’t want to buy just any home – you want a home that is custom made to your desires. You are not alone; many people in the area who can afford to buy a second home are going this route because they want to have the home of their dreams. A custom home is one that is made exactly as you want it. Home builders in Greensboro will tailor the design to suit your liking. You can start a Greensboro custom home from scratch or you can have one modified as you please.

There are two ways that you can choose the design of your custom home. You can choose from a number of plans or you can have changes made to a plan that you like. Not only do you get to choose the layout of your home, you can install bespoke floors, have the interior design done to your liking and you get to choose things like finishes, colors, floor, hardware and many more.

Who is best suited for this kind of home?

Custom homes in Greensboro are not cheap; in most cases they go for more than $1,000,000. This means that very young people who are just starting out in life or young couples who are buying a home for the first time usually cannot afford them. In most cases, they are owned by professionals such as doctors, lawyers and business owners – these are individuals get big incomes and so they can afford to have a home built the way they want it. That, of course, does not mean that first time buyers cannot make changes in their new homes. Although they are limited when it comes to the layout of the home, they can make changes on the interior so long as they can afford it.

Are there other benefits to living in custom Greensboro real estate?

We already mentioned that a custom home is great because you get to choose everything yourself, but are there other benefits to living in a custom home? As a matter of fact there are:

•    You will make your home more energy efficient because you will be using the most modern technology. This may not look like a big deal when you think short term but if you look at the big picture you will be saving a ton of money.

•    You get to install custom appliances at a lower cost. In many cases when a homeowner decides to install appliances he is limited to the design of the home. He has to do fresh wiring and he has to install new drains and pipes. With a custom home you build with all these things in mind which means that you don’t spend money to make changes.

•    Greensboro custom homebuilders usually create homes that offer maximum security and privacy, something that you don’t necessarily get when you buy a home that was designed by someone else.

•    Because a custom home has all new, modern features the resale value is pretty high – you can sell it a few years down the road and make a profit.

If you can afford it you should call custom home builders and start working on your new home right away.

Greensboro is a great place to raise a family

When it comes to moving to a new town or city with one’s family, most people generally ask the same questions, such as how safe is it, how good are the schools and are there many family friendly activities? In this regard, Greensboro, North Carolina scores well in virtually every important category. So it should come as no surprise that a variety of publications continually rank the city among the top ten best cities in the country for raising a family, which should come as great news for any families searching for homes for sale in Greensboro.

Safe Spaces and Green Places in Greensboro
One of the major draws of Greensboro is the city’s abundance of beautiful parks and other
green spaces. While the name Greensboro is derived from the lush, green landscapes that surround it, the city itself is also home to numerous parks, playgrounds and other fantastic places for children to explore and play outdoors. In fact, the city ranks in the top 20 in the nation in terms of the amount of parkland per resident as well as the number of playgrounds per resident.
Of course, all of these parks, playgrounds and other attractions would mean nothing if the city was unsafe, but luckily, Greensboro does well in this category also as it ranks among the 50 safest cities in the country in terms of the number of violent crimes committed per 1,000 residents.
Greensboro’s Excellent Educational Opportunities
The quality of education on offer obviously plays a huge role when relocating with a family, as parents undoubtedly want to make sure that there are good schools near their new home. This is another major factor in Greensboro’s desirability, as it also happens to be home to several of the top public high schools in the nation like the Weaver Academy for Performing & Visual Arts and Advanced Technology or Early College at Guildford. This means that you’ll have no problem finding a wide variety of beautiful Greensboro homes in areas where you can be assured your kids are getting the best education possible.
As well, the city is also home to the University of North Carolina-Greensboro, giving your children the opportunity to go to college in their hometown. On the other hand, if you or your partner have ever thought about going back to school, living so close to the campus may finally allow you to realize this dream.
Nature At Your Doorstep in the “Gate City”
Another huge draw for many searching for homes for sale in Greensboro is the city’s proximity to numerous nature areas. There are several nearby National Forests, as well as mountains, state parks and other nature reserves, all of which offer up limitless possibilities for hiking, cycling, fishing, camping and much more. On the other hand, if relaxing by the beach or playing in the ocean is more your thing, you’ll also have plenty of opportunities to enjoy these activities as there are numerous beach side towns only a few hours away, such as Myrtle Beach and Wright Seville Beach.
Affordable, Quality Housing available in Greensboro
Of course, all of this means nothing unless you can actually find Greensboro homes that both appeal to you and fit your budget. Again, this is another area where the city ranks highly, as the housing market is surprisingly affordable considering the area’s attractiveness. This means you’ll have no problem finding numerous homes for sale in Greensboro that far exceed your expectations.